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Professinal Speaker(H-10 / H-12 / H-13)
Product description
1. Two-way,dual driver full range design with high sound pressure and sensitivity.
2. A wide directive angle of 90 *55 degree that gives the loudspeaker the sound reinforcement ablility of getting a wider coverage area.
3. Excellent frequency response and phase in simulation design of computer optimization .
4. Flexible and convenient installations .
5. It can be used in bar,disco and large audio projects; it can be used as sound reinforcement speaker for full range audio system.
6. It can be used as sound reinforcement speaker, monitor speaker and fill-in speaker for mobile show system.
7. It can be used in high-quality output playback .
8. It can be used with subwoofer; power amplifier that ranges from 350W to 1000W is recommended.

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