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Wireless microphone,300 meters long LHY-550
Product description

1. U for a second wireless microphones, distance of up to 300 meters.

2. Frequency range: 740790 MHZ;

3. Number of channels: 2;

4. Channel number: 200, can use many sets of extension, channel with general;

5. Atleast six machines, strong anti-jamming capability.

6. PLL phase-locked loop technology: frequency stability <+100 HZ.

7. Transmission high power and low switch;

8. Launch operation locking;

9. Infrared automatic frequency;

10. Multiple noise automatic control

11. Two channel Line hybrid output,XRL independent output;

12. LCD display channel and battery

13. To launch the battery low voltage flicker automatically shut down to 1.6 V;

14. Receive the channel LCD display respectively: frequency channel, thestrength of RF, mute, interior of the antenna, and each index in the menu to adjust content;

15. Receiver manual volume;

16. System using the environment: Temperature - 20 ~+ 45 ,Relativehumidity of 85%

17. Working distance:Indoor is more than 100 meters, outdoor is 300 ~300meters;

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