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Conference system with Discuss + Video + Voting LTP-9600c LTP-9601D LTP-9602D
Product description
1. the camera pixels: the 1/2.8 inch 5 million pixels high quality CMOS sensor,resolution up to 1080 p60;
2. lens parameters: 12 x optical zoom, 10 times digita zoom, f = 3.9~46.1 mm,ultra wide Angle: 6.372.5 ;
3. audio and video interface: double linear input channel 3.5 mm audio port,support functions of audio coding, the standard of 3 g - SDI, HDMl digital video interface;
4. network and control: 100 m so, h.265/ h.264 video compression format,RTSP,RTMP,ONVIF,28181network protocol, VISCA/Pelco D/Pelco -p controlprotocol,232 and 485 control interface;
5. video format: support 1080 p60/50/30/29.97/25/59.94,1080 i60/50/59.94 and 720 60/50/30/25/30/25 a variety of high-definition video formats;
6. yuntai parameters: horizontal rotation plus or minus 170 degrees Fahrenheit,pitching rotation - 30~90 degrees,the level of control the speed of 0.1-100 /SEC, pitch control speed 0.1-45/SEC, preset number 255;
7. equipped with infrared/wireless remote controller, the OSD menu, is lifting and setting, support image vertical and horizontal flip;

LY-780M infrared emission host:
Taken the built-in PLL frequency synthesizer, the work is stable 
Taken the rf power output automatically assigned function
Taken the interface cable impedance matching function automatically
Taken the indicator for audio input level
Taken the audio input automatic ALC function,+/ - 18 db
U work status indication function
Taken the standard BNC connectors
LY-780H infrared radiator:
Taken the high efficiency of infrared emission features
Taken the infrared radiation human body damage detection
U120 wide Angle projection function
Taken the long-distance signal transmission
U work status indication function
Taken the nanomaterials filter, maximum limit to eliminate harmful radiation
Taken the standard BNC connectors
LY-780E interpreter machine:
U double interpreter machine, double flexible switching
U6 to 12 language channel choice
The seamless connection with infrared system host
U use DB25 standard connectors
LY-780F infrared receiver unit:
U 1 to 6 channel language choice
U two AAA batteries can work for up to 60 hours
There is no limit on the number u receive unit
To end the volume size can be adjusted freely
U receive high sensitivity, receive a wider range
Taken the nanomaterials filter, maximum limit to eliminate the visible light interference
Taken the appearance design is exquisite and fluent, accord with human body engineering

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