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Network warning for terminal LT-8C18
Product description

1. Strong and durable, full metal jacket explosion-proof waterproof, can be fixed on the vertical bar.
2. Highlighting the widescreen LED display street name and turn the dot, operation tips.
3. Built-in speaker microphone and 5w speaker,call a key, realize full-duplex talkback.
4. Support for hands-free calls and receive broadcast.
5. Built-in 50 w digital power amplifier, passive sound column or external speakers.
6. Can be equipped with various types of column or horn speaker.
7. Can open protocols and ports, linkage control and video monitoring system,realizing the unity of audioand video switching.
8. Built-in monitoring function , can monitor range 50 square meters.
9. There is Ethernet front-end ports can access,and routing that can span segment.
10. Terminal with DC24V controllable output power, driving lights flashing.
11. Double microphone double horn, to adapt to different application requirements such as intercom,monitoring, radio to achieve the best sound quality effect.

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