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lPnetwork adapter LT-8C1000
Product description
1. The built-in UHF receiver receive module, match two wireless handheld microphones;
2. The built-in bluetooth wireless receiving module, support bluetooth wireless transmission;
3. Comes with USB interface, support U disk,USB plug namely, convenient and quick;
4. 3 MlC input,AUX 1 road input, 1 road AUX output, MlC1 have strong thrust erase function;
5. The multi-function input bluetooth, USB input, MIC input can arbitrarily switch;
6. Bluetooth, USB,using MIlC can be incorporated into the lP network system, and also can be used offlie supportlocal broadcast;
7. Direct to receive internet audio source and transmit to 70V,100V and low impedance loudspeakers;
8. Non-dedicated network system solution;
9. Could be installed anywhere of the LAN network;
10. Economy network audio solution for multiple speaker applications;
11. With 3.4 inch LCD screen humanized operation interface;
12. Zzonedefintion is done though sofware,each networke audio adaptercould be regard as one zone,or several audio adapters could be taken as one zone,moreover,several zones could be defined as group for synchronous operation;
13. One Aux input and one local microphone input, both with volume control;
14. Aremote control over IP address change and write in, volume control and local program selection from server;
15. Voice evacuation system with higher priority and ocalinput wth secondar priorityt.Moreover, the local input and program source prority could be customized.

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