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lntelligent broadcast the central controller LPT-3000
Product description
1. The light touch keys and a key shuttle operations,192*64 LCD display.
2. Equipped with spring, summer, autumn, winter four sets of timing plan, each timed party with 99 points.
3. With 8 in 32 out signal distribution matrix, the input signal is independent volume.
4. The panel is equipped with a key in the calling function keys,the other with 32 channel partition paging shortcuts, use keyboard shortcuts can be realized to control the partition,the entire district.Through the built-in microphone paging speech all the way , the microphone volume is adjustable,convenient daily paging, notice,transactional broadcasting.
5. At the same time cascade more remote paging microphone.
6. Host comes with 3 way not controlled power source, can be up to 32 power control and external control external control power programming or manual at single or multiple power switch control, timing to perform automatic open the power supply system in advance.
7.With memory function, power program is not lost, telephone automatic recovery to run the program.

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