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Digital controller programming partitions LPT-2000
Product description
1. The light touch keys and a key shuttle operations,192*64 LCD display
2. 5 brought into 10 out of power division, each partition is equipped with independent control keys,realize programming partitions manually or automatically broadcast, can be extended partition to the 138 road.
3. The built-in no.6 programming controlled power source, each have a power supply is equipped with independent control keys,implementations of automatic or manual control programming, extensible external control power sequence.
4. The built-in MP3 player,use U disk or SD as a storage medium,can be extended unlimited storage capacity extensible, an external audio source controlled DVD, radio to 10 sets of audio playback at the same time.
5. There is spring, summer, autumn, winter four sets of timing plan, each timed party had 99 points, according to the week run repeatedly. Each time point to control the sound source of partition ,MP3,external 9 kinds of auxiliary audio source.4 sets of timing scheme can be easily switch
6. At the same time cascade table can be far more paging microphone,realize remote control and remote paging functions; Through remote paging microphone partition,the district,the control of power supply audio, and realizes remote paging, notice, transactional broadcasting. Support RS32 computer interface, all functions directly controlled by the computer.Power automatic protection, all editing program content will not be lost, calls automatically.

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