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LA-300X2H(4H) LA-400X2H(4H)
Product description
This machine is a multi-channel high-performance switching power supply digital class D amplifier, the United States imported lR digital chip, SMT modular design.Compact structure,reasonable.
lndependent power supply per channel output, even if a channel fails, it will not affect the other channel lead.
Comprehensive protection circuitry for over-load generated excess current, short-circuit, the DC output voltage is abnormal,and the heat sink temperature of the thermal protection.1.5U thin and light design.
1. 6.35 jack and XLR jacks for easy looping;
2. Output short circuit, overcurrent, overload and alarm, overheat alarm And saturation distortion warning;
3. 4 unit LED indicator lights;
4. With pressure limiting function, music without distortion;
5. 2U standard chassis design, aluminum panels, beautiful and practical.

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